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Touch The Sky

Niagara is a delightful white wine, bursting with a pleasant and friendlygrapey flavor. Its natural sweetness is complemented by complex fruit flavors of currant, black cherry, fig, and apricot. Enjoy this timeless Native American classic for a truly delightful experience. Pairs well buttery pastries, tender soufflés or cheesecake. It’s also a lovely with shellfish, fresh fruit, and interesting cheeses.

  • Alcohol Content: 11%




Touch The Sky

  • Medium body white
  • Aromas of candied lemon and floral jasmine
  • Taste: fresh grape and tropical fruit
  • Finish: moderately acidic, pure fruit, long finish, perfect for sangria

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4 reviews for “TOUCH THE SKY” Niagara

  1. Quinn

    Saw this in Forbes and had to have it. Just so you know, it’s only for the sweet lovers.

  2. Yaimani

    After a day of packing (middle of a move), my girls and I decided to sit back on the porch and drink some wine. What was supposed to be one glass of wine lead to about three or four and a night of Maaaarvelous Kiki’n. It was an impromptu moment that turned into great memories. The wine definitely helped and was so smooth and perfect for that type of setting.

    Ordering some more bottles right now!

  3. Anthony Bell

    One of my favorite Wines from LCS. As somebody who loves fruity wine, this one never disappoints. I buy one every month!

  4. Tameka

    Best wine I’ve had yet! Perfect sweetness ❤️

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