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Head Over Heels
This semi-sweet Riesling has a captivating aroma of lemons and grapefruit. Its body is smooth and delightfully crisp, making it one of our most popular wines among wine enthusiasts. Perfectly paired with a sharp cheese or a decadent dried fruit dessert, this wine is sure to indulge you in an unforgettable experience.

  • Alcohol Content: 11.6%




Head Over Heels

  • Pale straw
  • Aromas of nectarine, apple, pear, and apricot
  • Taste: apricot, apple, pear, pineapple, Meyer lemon
  • Finish: high acidity

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Weight 2 lbs


3 reviews for “HEAD OVER HEELS” Riesling

  1. Wendy

    This is so delicious. I’m a dry lover and still loved its sweetness. It wasn’t overpowering and great for summer.

  2. Ishmael McKinney

    An amazing summer wine, perfect for a nice sip after a long day at work. Learning to love dryer wines more and this one is staying in my rotation. Great base for a sangria recipe too!

  3. Steve Wells

    I was wine tasting as part of a course at NAPA Wine Academy. The wine I’m reviewing is the Sweet Riesling. I usually don’t like sweet wines, but this is an exception. The finish had a bold, sweet fruit flavor of peaches, apricots with a ripe lime and character. I would use this as either a dessert wine or have it with fruit or a light lunch in the summer. I highly recommend it.

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